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Despite the rich possibilities presented by the rapid expansion of digital technology, the service sector and ticketing industries remain surprisingly monotype and “primitive”. 

The limitations and complexity of event organization on current platforms appear antiquated in an age of elegant technical solutions and potential integrations.

Limited possibilities for connectivity throughout the booking process and interactivity during live events are a missed opportunity to catalyse engagement.

As a result, Azzumi revolutionizes event management and ticketing through highly-developed digital tools, integration with rich social-media connectivity, interactive options for live events and more.

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Underlying Magics

Azzumi integrates socializing into event planning and supports it with digital tools. Increased satisfaction guaranteed!

Fresh & Better

Azzumi offers a unique experience to users, allow them to engage with each other physically and virtually, help them discover the World.

100% Digitized Ticket Selling & Purchasing

Azzumi revolutionizes the service sector by fully digitizing it.

Convenience & Practicality

Azzumi makes it very easy for users to view and join all types of events around the Globe.

All In One

Azzumi combines and improves event management, messaging, social media and  more, extinguishes the necessity for an excessive amount of platforms.


Unlike other online platforms, Azzumi always respects user privacy.

Digitization Opens Up Engagement Opportunities

Think real-time Azzumi feed wall projections, audience votes on what happens next, live donations and anything else accomplishable.


With Azzumi, users can create, manage, track and enroll in events. The platform offers highly enhanced and practical event managing tools and a ticket-barcode system which allow event organizers to have more control over their services.

Map & Explore

Users can view all types of events around the Globe, their details, member names and so on, by using either Azzumi’s map or list which can be filtered to facilitate the search. Beyond this, in this section, users can also view their invites and join events with a single click.


Feed section allows  creating individual, group and event(!)  chats. Furthermore, it contains a feed list with 15 different feed items, unlike other social media platforms which only have pictures and videos inside their feeds. As a result, Azzumi gives  the  opportunity to pursue a significant amount of information about  event organizers, events, as well as other users’ favorite venues, bookings and more.


This section’s primary objective is to share  posts and comments. It makes this process even more addictive with numerous improvements, such as rating stars. Moreover, users can collect their revenues, view and evaluate other people’s events in this section.



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No, Azzumi offers profitable and enhanced event managing tools to everyone. There is no reason for individuals not to benefit from it while organizing private parties, family gatherings and more.
If you create an event on Azzumi, a group chat is automatically created with it. Whenever someone joins the event, he/she becomes a member of that chat group. This is for increasing user socialization and solving the lack of communication between event attendees and organizers.
Azzumi prides itself on having the best feed page in the sector as it provides an immense level of information regarding other users. On Azzumi’s Feed page, one can view other people’s posts, rate & comment on those posts, check out events, receive regular and exclusive invites, see the places or events other people visit and much more.
Public events are accessible to everyone! If users want to join a private event, they initially need to send a request to the event organizer. Exclusive events, on the other hand, are only visible to those who are invited. ,

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